14181  Amlexanox

Elics; AA 673; CHX 3673; Solfa™; Aphthasol™ (CAS 68302-57-8)

Amlexanox is an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic compound which is useful in the amelioration of aphthous ulcers (canker sores), commonly used as a 5% topical oral paste.1,2 By way of mechanism of action, amlexanox associates with the calcium-binding proteins S100A12 and S100A13, inhibits the release of FGF1, and, at 1 mM, induces changes in the actin cytoskeleton.3,4 More recently, amlexanox has been found to inhibit the non-canonical IKK-ε and TANK-binding kinase 1.5
1  J. Bell. Amlexanox for the treatment of recurrent aphthous ulcers. Clinical Drug Investigation 25(9) 555-566 (2005).
2  T. Iwama, N. Komatsu, K. i. Shikada, et al. Reversing effect of anti-asthmatic drugs on bronchoconstriction induced by antigen challenge and histamine in anesthetized guinea pigs. Japan.J.Pharmacol. 58 19-25 (1992).
3  T. Shishibori, Y. Oyama, O. Matsushita, et al. Three distinct anti-allergic drugs, amlexanox, cromolyn and tranilast, bind to S100A12 and S100A13 of the S100 protein family. Biochemistry Journal 338 583-589 (1999).
4  M. Landriscina, I. Prudovsky, C. M. Carreira, et al. Amlexanox reversibly inhibits cell migration and proliferation and induces the Src-dependent disassembly of actin stress fibers in vitro. The Journal of Biological Chemisty 275(42) 32753-32762 (2000).
5  S. M. Reilly, S. H. Chiang, S. J. Decker, et al. An inhibitor of the protein kinases TBK1 and IKK-ε improves obesity-related metabolic dysfunctions in mice. Nature Medicine (2013).

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