11050  Concanamycin A

Antibiotic X 4357B; NSC 674620; X 4357B (CAS 80890-47-7)

The vacuolar H+-ATPase (V-ATPase) is a multisubunit complex that establishes pH gradients along secretory and endocytic pathways by catalyzing ATP hydrolysis via the V1 domain and driving proton translocation through the V0 domain.1 Concanamycin A is a plecomacrolide antibiotic produced by Streptomyces that blocks lysosomal acidification through selective inhibition of the V-type ATPase (EC50 = 2.1-2.3 μM).2,3,4 Concanamycin A blocks cell surface expression of viral glycoproteins without affecting their synthesis and, at 0.8 μM, prevents entry of influenza virus into cells.5
1  M. Huss and H. Wieczorek. Inhibitors of V-ATPases: Old and new players. Journal of Experimental Biology 212 341-346 (2009).
2  J. A. Sobota, N. Bäck, B. A. Eipper, et al. Inhibitors of the V0 subunit of the vacuolar H+-ATPase prevent segregation of lysosomal- and secretory-pathway proteins. Journal of Cell Science 122(19) 3542-3553 (2009).
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5  R. Guinea and L. Carrasco. Requirement for vacuolar proton-ATPase activity during entry of influenza virus into cells. Journal of Virology 69(4) 2306-2312 (1995).

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