10010744  SC-51322

(CAS 146032-79-3)

The prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) receptor (EP1) is involved in triggering PGE2-mediated pain as well as neuronal survival and growth. SC-51322 is a selective EP1 antagonist that inhibits PGE2 signaling in a guinea pig ileum muscle strip assay with a pA2 value of 8.1 and demonstrates analgesic activity in a mouse writhing assay with an ED50 value of 0.9 mg/kg.1 It is pharmacologically similar to SC-51089, but does not release hydrazine, a known carcinogen to rats, as does SC-51089.1 SC-51322 potentiates the vasorelaxation of human pulmonary vein induced by PGE2 with an EC50 value of 7.75 µM.2
1  E. A. Hallinan, T. J. Hagen, S. Tsymbalov, et al. Aminoacetyl moiety as a potential surrogate for diacylhydrazine group of SC-51089, a potent PGE2 antagonist, and its analogs. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 39 609-613 (1996).
2  N. Foudi, L. Kotelevets, L. Louedec, et al. Vasorelaxation induced by prostaglandin E2 in human pulmonary vein: Role of the EP4 receptor subtype. British Journal of Pharmacology 154 1631-1639 (2008).

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